April 30, 2012
James Deen you so cool

"THERE ARE NO OTHERS LIKE HER AND THAT IS WHY THIS ONE IS MINE!!!!!! i don’t know if you know your porno history but stoya is amazing and i am amazing and we are SUPER amazing together.  this isn’t even arrogance this is proven fact.  half of tumblr is apparently gif’s of me and stoya getting it on.   there have been instructional sex tips created from people watching us bang.  i am not exaggerating.  if you don’t know the greatness that is me and stoya humping then google that shit and do some research.  it is terrifying how good we are and having sex with each other.   we are so good at having sex with each other we actually got banned from banging on camera for three years.   ok, that isn’t what actually happened.  we just didn’t bang for three years for various reasons. i was always busy, or she was only banging girls, or she wasn’t performing or the plot of the movie we were in called for us to be banging other people.  whatever the reason was we haven’t really seen or banged each other for like three years.  i prefer to think of it as, we were so good it was unfair to all the other people in porn so there were forces put in place to keep us apart.  doesn’t matter the reason, point is we are back and we are awesome and i banged her in the butt because that’s what i do and stoya took it in the butt from my penis because that is what she does.  it was a good day.

this is MY stoya”


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