May 17, 2012
Where I am and where I WISH I was

Okay so I’m at work. I’ve spoken to about 200 moronic customers. Don’t get me wrong most of them are nice enough but that doesn’t save them from being complete morons. The cubicle farm is ruining my posture, dimming my eyes and sucking my soul the fuck dry and all I can really think about is how badly I want to fuck someone. 

You in particular actually! 

I’m picturing you in those lace stockings you posted on fb a while ago, a loose fitting white t-shirt and no bra or underwear. You’d be waiting in the lounge when I get home from work and I’d smile kiss you on the cheek and then take you by the hand and walk you up to my room. 

I’d pull you in and grab your round little ass and squeeze it hard while we kissed standing up. you could probably feel me through my jeans so I’d lay you down on my bed, let them down and pull off my work button up. I’d play with your tits through the t-shirt and I’d put your hand on my cock so you could feel it through my briefs. 

I’d run my hands all over your body along your sides down the front of your chest to where your stockings start but I would make sure not to touch you in a certain spot. Not yet.

I’d just brush my knuckles across it and then move down and massage the inside of your thighs. I’d take off your shirt and kiss my way up from your belly button to your tits and when you were very turned on and your nipples were nice and stiff I’d take out my cock and make you suck it while I fondled your pretty little body. 

If you did a good job of it I would become harder and harder in your mouth and start to get pretty turned on. My hand would make its way down to your pussy which I hope would be nice and wet by now and I’d start massaging it and running my fingers along your lips. I’d start thrusting a little bit and when I was almost fucking your mouth rather than receiving head I’d change my tack. 

I’d reach over to my jeans and slip the black leather belt out and wrap it around your neck and roughly pull you further up my bed. You’d have to make sure you kept jacking me while I tore those fucking stockings open because if you didn’t I’d tighten the belt. Okay even if you did I’d tighten the belt so you really couldn’t escape it anymore now. 

I love that first moment when I slip it in and feel you tighten around my cock. That feels incredible I’d go slowly at first one hand on your firm little breast and one hand holding on to that belt to control your movement. Then I’d pick up the pace and start fucking your little brains out kissing, slapping and choking you in equal measures until we’re both breathing heavily and gleaming with sweat. When I was ready to come I’d pull you in very close and kiss you on the the mouth then I’d grab your face and squeeze your cheeks and say “look me in the eyes don’t you dare fucking look away until I’m done” because that’s how I like to finish. And for a moment it’d just be me and you coming. When I was done I’d collapse onto you and kiss you and hold you in my arms and we could nap and have amazing snacks and do whatever we felt like for the rest of the day.

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